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TTP Services

- Pine scripts

Ride the market using the most exclusive, powerful and unique selection of Pine Scripts for TradingView. Backtest, Technical Analysis, Alpha and much more.

- Signals

Market buy and sell signals directly to your bots

- Pair selection

Stop trading losing tokens. Select your next winning pairs based on top bullish, volatile, biggest movers, and a lot more.

- Orchestration

Control when are the best times to be running your bots and prevent unnecessary losses.


My mission is to change lives by offering my best trading strategies and tools for trading with bots. 

We have spend 3 years perfecting our strategies and tools to take advantage of every possible aspect to maximize our results.

Our community is a great blend of highly skilled and experienced bot masters with passionate bot learners. It’s the ideal place to step up and fast forward your journey into achieving your own passive income dreams.


Why the TTP community?

The TTP community is a hub for crypto and bot enthusiasts. Collaboration is key.

We use an always expanding array of automation technologies and tools to stay ahead of the crypto algo trading game.

Advanced and newbies join to both learn and share their own lessons. 

We either take profits or we take a new learning.  

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"If you're looking to learn HOW TO fish this community is on the path of victory: orchestrators to toggle bots off and on, an arsenal of TradingView indicators, private livestreams to guide you through the content and - my favorite - a striking newsletter to keep the overview on all what's being delivered, for those who might miss content if not able to check daily."​
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"TTP has built a machine for designing and managing bots, with a dedicated team behind it. From backtester scripts for designing bots, through entry signals (out of the box or with configurable parameters), through orchestrators for starting/stopping bots with different profiles at the right time, indicators for deal risk management, to analytics for evaluating bot performance. It is a lot to take in quickly, so give yourself time. Start from a lower tier to look around and understand what you really need. Discord community is very helpful and responsive - reach out when confused. I've been a member for over a year now and highly recommend."
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"Great bots community with high quality out-put, well worth the investment of time and money to be part of this community. User feedback is heard and acted on fast which is amazing. Prices are a bit high for the value, but this is definitely a highly valuable service that does exactly what it advertises."
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"Amazing channel with a community embedded with knowledge and clearly some science background, the trading parrot is a great content creator and a guru in scripts, DCA bots and many topics related with crypto, very recommend for those individuals that understand how."
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"Great community for bot enthusiasts ! TTP built a friendly and professional community of crypto trading bot enthusiasts. There is value for every type of user - from beginner to advanced."
Gridbot Guru
Gridbot Guru
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"Wonderful knowledge Wonderful knowledge! Very helpful with crypto all around."



£ 12
  • DCA+Grid backtester
  • Picnic Pine Scripts
  • Discord Picnik area access
  • Private content
  • Coach calls (paid separately)


£ 40
  • All picnic perks
  • Observer Pine Scripts
  • Extra Discord channels
  • Bot dashboard
  • Pair selection
  • Buy sell signals
  • Orchestration signals
  • Botburg
  • Charts


£ 150
  • All Observer perks
  • VIP Pine Scripts
  • VIP Discord channels
  • VIP pair selection
  • VIP buy sell signals
  • VIP orchestration signals
  • Extra allowances
  • Monthly bot workshop
  • Priority support


£ 250
  • All VIP perks
  • All allowances maxed out


£ 300
  • All Gold perks
  • Monthly 1-2-1 call w/TTP

All tiers are also available via PatreonObserver tier offers 1 week FREE trial

You can find detailed information of what’s included in each tier here.