Call with maxintech (Bot Assistant)


Hello, I’m a software engineer. I have been involved with cryptocurrency since late 2020.
First HODLing, then I started to trade crypto. Later I started with 3Commas bots, DEX, DeFi, mining and programming Smart Contracts.
I joined TTP community in March 2021.
I’m part of the team who created the Bot Assistant for the TTP community.

I can help you with the following services:
– Setup and guide on how to use Bot Assistant
– Orchestrators guide (use cases, actions and reactions)
– Guide to update bot’s coin pairs (LunarCrush)
– Review your current configuration of bots using Bot Assistant
– Use of the SelfService website

– The call can be recorded and the recording will be sent to your email address
– The call could be in English or Spanish
– If you have any question before or after the call you can find me in Discord as maxintech#4789





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