Call with Nader (Futures for Dummies)

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What we can cover during this call:

– Trading futures manually (Scalping / Day trading strategies)
– Setting up futures bots: USDT-M / Coin-M (Backteting of the bot also included)
– How to NEVER get liquidated in futures!
– Open futures positions management and risk assessment
– For people who cannot use Binance Futures anymore I can still help you setup futures bots 😉

For any other suggestion of what you want to cover during this call feel free to contact me on Discord @Nader#4311!





2 reviews for Call with Nader (Futures for Dummies)

  1. Mohammed (verified owner)

    very knowledgeable with Futures trading.
    definitely booking for more sessions soon.
    worth every penny.

  2. Kath (verified owner)

    I just wanted to drop by to share my personal experience with Coach Nader and with the TPP patreon platform and community in general. When I initially joined TPP patreon last year, I have to discontinue my subscription before, as I was so overwhelmed on the contents of the platform and the discord channel. However, I continuously follow TPP on youtube and I always find value and gems on his videos. On one of his videos, he mentioned about introducing NFT on TPP community. This catched my interest, I decided to join back to check it out.
    After I rejoined, I started exploring the site and I noticed that there are coaching sessions, which I didn’t even notice before, I thought I might as well try this out as I really need to be serious this time, in leveraging the value of the contents and the channels. I tried asking questions on discord, and Nader and few other coaches offered help.
    I have a list of all the questions that I have, the doubts where I need clarity and guidance, including how to use the TPP patreon site and discord, where to look for things and what bots and tools these heroes are using to achieve their goals and targets.
    I then booked a coaching session with Nader.
    I could say, it was the best decision that I made. I found a direction and things made sense eventually. He showed on screen, how DCA bots are being set-up properly, what coins works, how he track the performance, etc. Nader, even showed me some of the best practices and tips.
    After my first session with him, I booked another session right away to pick his brain regarding futures bot, as I noticed that this is his niche. He even had his own channel!
    I was a bit hesitant on trying futures bot at first as I have some bad experiences with liquidation before. I gave it a shot on trying futures bots again, but this time with his guidance.
    I wanted to say thank you to Nader.. for being a very helpful coach, sharp to dib your doubts and provide his honest answer on each.
    Our coaching sessions are recorded also, so I could rewatch his walkthrough, whenever I set-up the bots on my own.
    I know that there are are other strategies that I need to learn, and the TPP heroes had their own line of expertise on each. Will explore on these as well, one strategy at a time..
    – kathlee

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