Altrady snowden signals using limit orders: minimum slippage

In regards to snowden signals. This only applies to snowden since its a BUY+SELL signal and it’s too vulnerable to the effects of slippage. Other signals that send BUY+SELL like Serpil, don’t get affected as much since it can many times run for almost a day so the 0.1% slippage doesn’t end up causing such […]

Weekend rally or not?

We covered TA and how some of the bots are doing during this pump! Why Bitget? Get 12% trading fees discount on Bitget using my link. Bitget new Launchpad Project coming These just some of the benefits coming now to Bitget. 1. Deposit $200 – get $10  2. Do Bank Transfer Deposit of $100 – […]

CPI Report + bots review livestream AND new video

In the first minutes I wasn’t sharing the screen sorry guys! but then later I fixed it. You can also skip to the bot details in the last part of the video if you want. I covered these setups: All bot’s copy links can be found in the bot dashboard, paper trading section or in […]

TTP FED BTC Trader – study version available now

FED BTC Trader strategy offers backtesting and alerts which can be used to trade with bots on any bot platform that accepts webhooks for open deal and close deal. You can just use it “as it is” but I received some requests to be able to backtest it with Gavin’s, Aster’s or even TTPTSL backtester. […]

Pionex top new signals and bots

IF you are considering opening an account on Pionex consider reducing the trading fees by signing up using my link: Grid bots reviewed in the video Bakker setup 4.0 in Pionex Check out the full detail of the Bakker setup 4.0 List of pairs used in the video.