Pine scripts

      • Charts – a full list of all TTP charts including links to all the ones shown in YouTube. 


      Bots stats & tools

          • Bot dashboard – find all bots, funds distribution, risk levels, charts, P&L, which ones are off or on, and much more.

          • BB bot dashboard – A newer generation of the bot dashboard allowing you to filter, sort the bots and much more.

            • Bot orchestrator – A collection of indicators used to orchestrate our bots based on “potential” price tops and bottoms.

            • Bot assistant – A tool to live assist your bots: token management and more to come in the future.

            • Bot experiments – We never cease to learn and experiment. Here you’ll find the current experiments and their progress (3C-tools links included).

            • BAQL generator – use a visual tool to generate BAQL for controlling all automation aspects of your bots: pair selection, ORC and signals.


              • Self service – use this page to troubleshoot and understand how you are using your allowances.


                • Bot workshops – VIP members bot workshop. Once a month. Check in our Discord channel to learn when is the next date.

                • Bot performance – Tuesdays. We review real money and paper trading bot performance.

                • TA and News – Live streams on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. We cover fundamentals, TA, On-chain data and news.


                  • My-account – edit your TTP user preferences including your details and membership.