Trading Parrots is a collection of 15K unique randomly generated NFTs using the Ethereum network ERC-1155.

The trading parrot is the first and only NFT community around crypto trading bots.

Holders of at least one item of this collection will be able to:


  1. Sale , airdrops and long term TTP member rewards
  2. Community – join our NFT private community
  3. Utility – unlock extra TTP community perks for TTP members: extra allocations for bots, extra allocation for tools, discounts, etc.


TTP and Patreon members-only events

  1. [Finished] Fed futures bot contest. Win a NFT bundle with 3 items you chose + 200 USDT. Best bot wins. See the contest results.
  2. [Finished] TTP 1-year old members: a whitelist event only for members of the community that turn 1 year old in the channel [February event discord link]
  3. [Finished]TTP members presale: 50 items will be offered at 0.001 ETH – AVAILABLE FROM 17th Jan 2022
  4. TTP members monthly giveaway: Stay tuned for the next TTP and Patreon members-only giveaway.

Trading Parrots NFT holder events

  1. [Finished] January holders giveaway: 3 NFTs for FREE. Rules: The winners have been announced.

Public events

  1. Public presale: 50 items will be offered at 0.01 ETH – AVAILABLE FROM 26th Feb 2022
  2. YouTube comments giveaway. Most videos will include an NFT giveaway. Make sure you watch the video to find the instructions.
    1. [Finished]Youtube video giveaway 2
  3. Twitter giveaways.
    1. [Finished] First twitter giveaway

* Important: holding a Trading Parrots NFT item does not give:

Produced by The Trading Parrot
Art by 9ofsun