New bot XRP bot – 2.86% a day

UPDATE 1 (3/6/2023): the liquidation analysis was updated to 25x since there was a mistake and it was showing 75x. I’m running a new XRP bot and adding it to the bot dashboard. 15 min backtest Notice the drawdown and profits are using 25x leverage. Deep backtest Deep backtest results from early 2020. In order […]

Trade against the flow – use “Point of break”

In this video, I’ll introduce you to an exciting new indicator called TTP Breaking Point, which provides signals based on the number of longs and shorts data in the crypto market. Knowing when there are too many longs or shorts is crucial for manual trading. This open-source indicator is available to everyone and offers alerts […]

Absolutno’s power just went limitless v0.4.0

Limitless: let TA take full control of your DCA-ing Have you ever dreamed with entering a BO using certain indicator,fill safety orders using another one,and filling that last safety order using an even more special indicator? 🦜 Absolutno 0.4.0 now allows you to specify precisely how you want to use each external source signal. Here […]

VIP setup 2: Bark – DOGE strategy

In this short article I’m sharing the setup for Bark. This bot is high risk since the deep backtest doesn’t show great long term results. My bet is currently that there might be “an issue” with this another particular deep-backtesting so if you are planning to copy this strategy only do it with funds you […]

Chris ADA version 2023

Basic requirements If you use my links you’ll get discounts in fees and in the subscriptions and you’ll be helping the channel! Chris ADA bot 2023 version You can copy the 2023 version of Chris using the 3Commas copy link below. You can also copy the TradingView backtest. Bot name: From what I see from […]

3 new DCA bots available!

I prepared a video with the details of the new bots. Make sure you login as a member to watch it. This content is for Observers and higher tiers. PEPE bot Chromia bot Ontology bot

Backtesting Party: best BTC DCA setup for all markets

I was having a chat with Dwight from 3Commas and he asked me – “now that we have all the data of the bear market in the charts, can we find a setup that’d survive the whole bear market with a DCA bot trading BTC?” I’m sure there are plenty of setups so I spent […]

VIP setup 1: RSI Breakout strategy

UPDATE 1: if you are running this setup using 3X tokens you must increase your SL accordingly. 3X tokens are three times more volatile thanks to the variable leverage applied so if the asset only moves 1% the 3x token might reach a move of “up to 3%” in the same direction. UPDATE 2: if […]