Unleashing the Potential of Grid Bot Trading: A 3Commas Tutorial

In this video, we explore the world of Grid Bots and the new features and strategies offered by 3Commas. Join us as we uncover the Rising, Stable, and Futures strategies, their characteristics, risk-reward ratios, and optimal usage scenarios. Discover the Rising strategy as an alternative to buy and hold, designed for anticipating upward movement. The […]

NVT Studio: highly profitable privileged onchain data

In this video I discuss on-chain data analysis and a new indicator called NVT Studio. The video explains different strategies for incorporating on-chain data analysis into Bitcoin trading. The first strategy mentioned involves using trend lines on the daily chart based on the pivots of the Network Value Transaction (NVT) indicator. By connecting the tops […]

Trade against the flow – use “Point of break”

In this video, I’ll introduce you to an exciting new indicator called TTP Breaking Point, which provides signals based on the number of longs and shorts data in the crypto market. Knowing when there are too many longs or shorts is crucial for manual trading. This open-source indicator is available to everyone and offers alerts […]

Absolutno’s power just went limitless v0.4.0

Limitless: let TA take full control of your DCA-ing Have you ever dreamed with entering a BO using certain indicator,fill safety orders using another one,and filling that last safety order using an even more special indicator? 🦜 Absolutno 0.4.0 now allows you to specify precisely how you want to use each external source signal. Here […]

VIP setup 1: RSI Breakout strategy

UPDATE 1: if you are running this setup using 3X tokens you must increase your SL accordingly. 3X tokens are three times more volatile thanks to the variable leverage applied so if the asset only moves 1% the 3x token might reach a move of “up to 3%” in the same direction. UPDATE 2: if […]

AbSOlutNo Tv alerts setup and management guide

Bot setup guide In this guide we will explain step-by-step how to setup alerts using AbSOlutNo (ABS), TradingView and 3Commas. I’m going to assume that you have already a backtest using ABS that you want to turn into a DCA bot setup with 3Commas. And this means that you already know what’s going to be […]