Aster DCA Backtester v0.17

We’re excited to inform our members that the Aster DCA Backtester has undergone significant improvements in its speed and performance in the latest update. We recognize that waiting for the processing of chart data during backtesting can be a cumbersome experience, and we’re pleased to announce that the latest version of our backtester, v0.17, includes […]

New indicator: TTP Teddy

This indicator is designed for scalping potential tops and bottoms. The areaTH parameter acts like a quality filter. The highest this value the less signals you will get. The RSI filters are there to prevent attempting to find bottoms in areas that are not oversold overbought. The Teddy signal is the original but I also […]

New additions to Risk Savage v0.3.6

3 new deal start conditions: 3 top volume indicators integrated to filter out bad deals: Risk Savage LO version should follow up with these additions soon. Some notes on the new DSC: Risk Savage is available to all VIP members and higher tiers.


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NEW ORC signal: AI

We are testing a new ORC based on AI: lorentzian classification. Keep an eye on the discord signals, it actually looks very promising. I already started testing it in different timeframes with QFLO and Serpil USDT+BTC pairs. I’ll be sharing results soon so we can compare against MC and ST based ORC signals. Allowances are […]

New indicator: PSAR MA VOL

I was watching this video about how to improve performance using volume and decided to code it to give it a try. The new indicator is called “TTP PSAR MA VOL” and basically uses: The signal allows you to decide how many volume indicators must be in confluence to trigger the deal open. It also allows to […]

New VIP script: Risk Savage LO

This new version of Risk Savage LO, which stands for “limit orders”, sends the deal open json payload including the exit percentages for TP and SL so that the bot platform can use limit orders for exiting. It also sends the entry price so you can control the slippage of the entry price too. Currently […]