Backtesting Party: best BTC DCA setup for all markets

I was having a chat with Dwight from 3Commas and he asked me – “now that we have all the data of the bear market in the charts, can we find a setup that’d survive the whole bear market with a DCA bot trading BTC?” I’m sure there are plenty of setups so I spent […]

VIP setup 1: RSI Breakout strategy

UPDATE 1: if you are running this setup using 3X tokens you must increase your SL accordingly. 3X tokens are three times more volatile thanks to the variable leverage applied so if the asset only moves 1% the 3x token might reach a move of “up to 3%” in the same direction. UPDATE 2: if […]

AbSOlutNo Tv alerts setup and management guide

Bot setup guide In this guide we will explain step-by-step how to setup alerts using AbSOlutNo (ABS), TradingView and 3Commas. I’m going to assume that you have already a backtest using ABS that you want to turn into a DCA bot setup with 3Commas. And this means that you already know what’s going to be […]

IFTRSI + Quadratic Kernel regression

This script uses the quadratic kernel from @jdehorty kernel library to find trends using inverse fisher transform of RSI as a source. It calculates 2 quadratic kernels MAs with different lengths and enters a long and shorts based on bullish/bearish crosses. It offers a backtesting stream and alerts. The kernel library from @jdehorty offers other […]

New script: Absolutno – TA based safety orders

Absolutno is a pine script strategy for backtesting DCA bots with a different approach for placing both safety orders and take profit levels. Motivation Using DCA bots with safety orders most of the time is great during bull markets but in bear markets and strong downtrends it can be really challenging to close your deals […]