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Bot assistant 3Commas App

What is the bot assistant?

The bot assistant is a system that reads instructions from your bot name to perform actions to your bots. It can edit your DCA composite pairs, send signals and even orchestrator them.

With the introduction of BotAssistant v2.0 you can connect your 3commas account directly to the BotAssistant without filling any google forms.

What is BAQL?

BAQL stands for bot assistant query language.

It’s a very simple language that allows users to give instructions to BA to perform any of the supported tasks BA can do on your bots.

You can learn more about BAQL in the language description page.

BA roadmap

BA is an always evolving product so keep an eye on our roadmap for the last released and upcoming new features.

How can I get access to use BA?

You need to have a TTP or Patreon membership. Each tier gives different privileges.

We recommend you to watch the latest videos and learn how it’s used. Here’s a playlist with videos related to the bot assistant:

Issues connecting 3commas with your TTP account?

  • We support desktop Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • We recommend to be already logged in on TTP website before connecting to 3commas
  • Some issues with Safari cookies can be solve by disabling “prevent cross-site tracking” from Safari Privacy settings.