3C Simulator signal

3C sim signal use cases

There are 3 big use cases for having 3C simulator signal.

  1. Many people like to work on backtesting strategies using Gavin’s backtest script and then once they are happy with the results they are seeing they want to setup TradingView alerts using the exact strategy they produced. This is not possible right from Gavin’s backtest script but it is from “3C Simulator signal”.
  2. Many people want to have the same deal start conditions available on 3Commas for Binance.com but on other exchanges. Now if you add “3C Simulator signal” to your TradingView account and have access to alerts then you can easily setup alerts sent directly to bots on any exchange.
  3. You may want to use 3C deal start conditions right from TradingView and send them as a webhook to any platform, not only 3Commas. For example wunderbit.

Backtest as external indicator

You can also use 3C sim signal as an external indicator of the backtest while using combined mode as source. This would double the number of indicators you can backtest concurrently.

Where to find and who can access it?

You can find 3C sim signal page on TradingView.

This indicator is available to VIP, VIP w/call and Gold tiers.

You can request access to any of our Pine scripts by submitting the request form.

Updated on October 13, 2021

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  1. Hi, thank you for such a great script. I am using to send signal to FTX since in 3commas you cannot setup RSI for that exchange. I have a question regarding the time frame I should backtest it on. Since in 3commas does not variate, but on trading view it does according to the time frame you backtest it on.

    Please your help on this matter.

    Thank you!

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