Bot assistant

What is a Bot Assistant?

Bot assistant is a system that can interact in real time with your 3Commas DCA bots.

What features does the Bot Assistant offer?

BA offers the following features subject to which TTP subscription tier you currently have:

  • Pair selection: modifies a composite DCA bot tokens based on LunarCrush API. You can select tokens by different sorting criteria. Currently we are working on filters. Check out the roadmap.
  • Bot orchestration: switch on or off your based on the different orchestration signals available.
  • Bot signals: select which deal start/stop signals you want sent to your bot. You can find which signals are currently available in the tiers page.

How can I enable any of the BA features to apply to one of my bots?

Assuming that you already have the required TTP subscription tier to use the feature you want to activate and that you already connected the 3Commas BA app with TTP website then all you need to do is write the desired feature BAQL command in the name of the bot.

Do I need to learn BAQL to use BA?

Most users find the ORC, signal or pair selection criteria they want to use from other users and end up copy-pasting it in the bot name. So no, you don’t need to “learn” BAQL. BAQL is designed to be both easy to read and concise enough to fit in a DCA bot name field (max 200 chars).

Here are a few examples of BA statements.

  • Pick the top 10 LunarCrush AltRank tokens
  • STOP the bot when there’s a SELL signal from the original orchestrator and START the bot when there’s a BUY signal
  • Send the SERPIL signal to the bot

You can learn more BAQL from the official documentation.

Is there any tool I can use to generate BAQL without having to write it myself?

Yes, we recently introduced BAQL tool. This tool allows you to fill a form with your criteria. Once the form is filled it produces exactly the BAQL code that you will need to use in the name of your DCA bot. This tool was built by @VanValdenburg#7959 from our team.

Can I combine many features in a single bot?

That’s the whole idea behind BA that unleashes its full potential: send advance signals to your bot, orchestrate it and select the hottest pairs at the same time.

Here’s an advance example of BAQL that allows:

  • Selects the top 10 LunarCrush sorted by GalaxyScore
  • Activates the Lambo signal to be sent to the bot
  • Orchestrates the bot starting and stoping the bot on buy and sell signals from the original orchestrator
  • Orchestrates the bot starting the bot with supertrend buy signal and stopping and closing deals at market price on sell signals

Can BA be used with paper trading?

Yes, you can experiment as much as you want with BA.

Does it support futures accounts?

Yes, even though we haven’t tested all platforms. We can confirm it works on FTX and Binance futures. USDT-M and COIN-M work too.

Just be aware that if the minimum order size in the exchange is lower than the one specified in the bot the order will still open. This issue has been reported to 3commas and we are hoping they can fix this soon.

How does the BA allowance work?

Your tier will affect both how many bots you can:

  • perform pair selection at once, above the tier limit will appear as an error in our self service website which you can use to troubleshoot BA.
  • Which and how many bots can subscribe to the signals or orchestration signals.
  • Pair selection frequency. The higher the tier the more frequent we will update your bot pairs.

If you hold any Trading Parrots NFT items you will be able to connect your Metamask wallet to our discord server to use them as boosters that will increase most allowances that come with your TTP subscription tier.

What happens to the previous pairs when the assistant modifies my bot’s pairs?

Every time the assistant modifies the pairs of one of your bots it will override the pairs. There’s no way to keep the previous pairs and only add new pairs. You should assume that the original pairs will be gone and only the ones matching your criteria will be added.

If you have deals open with pairs that were removed by the assistant this won’t affect the deals in any way, they will remain as deals of the bot, but the bot won’t open any new deals with the pairs that are no longer associated with the bot.

If I create a bot using BTC pairs, would the LCBA change it to USDT?

No, LCBA will read your current selected pairs and respect the same market the bot was already using. If you were trading BTC pairs it will keep adding and removing only BTC pairs.

Does LCBA support all exchanges?

The bot assistant respect the original exchange associated with the DCA bot and looks after pairs that are available for the same exchange and market pairs. We support all exchanges supported by 3commas DCA bots.


In order to troubleshoot any issues with BA the first step is to use self service and look for any potential errors affecting your bots. If you cannot find any or you don’t know how to resolve the error, contact a moderator via our discord server using the #bot-assistant channel.

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14 Responses

  1. If my LAMBO bot is running USDT pairs but my SERPIL is on BTC pairs will the LCBA tool keep running those corresponding pairs of the BOT when updating?

    1. The bot assistant will check and respect the current market coin being used. If later on you manually swap to a new market, then the next time the assistant has new pairs it will still respect and keep the new market. So the new pairs will be of BTC if you were using BTC as market.

  2. Hello,
    I can see my API Key and Secret in my bot assistant receipt (the mail automatically sent once the form is filled out).
    I would suggest to mask it.

  3. If I want bot assistant to open deals only from my specified say 50 token pairs list that if they fall in “10GalaxyScore” and not from all tokens available on exchange , how can I do that?

    1. only way would be by using the blacklist 3commas feature but that is a global setting so it will also limit the tokens that any dca bot in your account can trade.

  4. This is great. So if I have 1 bot with max 4 active deals, then I should 6 coin pairs in the LCBA, correct? Or should I enter exactly 4?

  5. how can i change the form?
    i filled in a galaxyscore but i don’t use it. i would like to change it in altrank20 or higher

      1. Just go back to the form and it will let you re-fill it out. Submit it and it will replace your old settings.

    Ideally the BAQL tool belongs on the 3Commas app itself. Or at the least a link to the BAQL tool for code generation.
    I had to submit a query on discord to find the tool because I didn’t see it in the App, bot assistant documentation, or the video on the BAQL tool.
    I appreciate the tech, but please do make the user experience better. (Especially considering the cost of subscriptions.)