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BotAssistant 2.4: Telegram notifications

After the successful completion of the release 2.3 / stage 2: filters for all LunarCrush tokens we wanted to know from our users what should be the next priority in the BA roadmap. Your feedback was a match between faster updates and telegram notifications.

Telegram notifications are ready for testing!

Development and internal testing was completed ahead of time. Originally planned for August!

This new hot feature will allow you to connect your Telegram account to our website to get notified every time there’s any issue with any of your bots that are using BotAssistant.

What notifications should I expect to receive?

Depending on your TTP or patreon subscription tier you have certain BotAssistant frequency allowance to update your DCA bot pairs. Let’s say you have updates every hour. This means that if in the next update of BotAssistant we find one or more errors we will send you a single message containing a summary of everything that fail with a link to self service to learn more details and proceed to troubleshoot it.

Will there be any other Telegram notification types in the future?

It was highest priority to have a way to notify our users when they have misconfigured BA to prevent them from running a broken bot for weeks. But since we have now built the foundation for Telegram messages we can explore using the opportunities that this opens for us.

Let us know in #bot-assistant on Discord which information you’d like to receive directly to your Telegram account too.

How to setup the TTP BotAssistant Telegram bot?

The best part is that setting up the Telegram bot is pretty straightforward, just follow these steps:

  1. Login and go to the my account section.
  2. Scroll down to telegram.
  3. Link your account.
  4. Once navigated to Telegram accept. That’s it!

How to confirm that the notifications are working?

Create a bot with an invalid BAQL query. For example you can try this one:


It’s using a signal that doesn’t exist which is a very common error, you might accidentally spell a signal name!

As you can see below, every hour you will be getting a notification showing you that one of your bots has this problem.

What’s next for BA?

According to our roadmap we will continue in parallel with faster updates and integration with alternative APIs like Coingecko.

Updated on July 19, 2022

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