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BotBurg Bot Dashboard

We have a new Bot Dashboard: BotBurg Bot Dashboard.

This one uses Van’s BotBurg under the hood.

We think we can eventually replace our old Bot Dashboard with this new version.

BB Bot Dashboard allows you to easily browse through all TTP bots just like with the original one but with enhanced features like:

  • Dark mode
  • Filters: find TTP bots matching certain parameters
  • Sorting: sort by any column value
  • Column adding/removing: want to get a more concise view? you can now remove columns that are less important to you

If you want to learn more about BotBurg you should give it a try with your own bots too!

If you have a valid TTP subscription with BotBurg access you can just connect it with your 3commas account and it can really help you understanding better the performance of your bots. You can also discuss features directly with Van (the creator of BotBurg) via our Discord server. Many users have requested features and he’s been incredibly supportive and fast delivering them one by one during the past year. Don’t miss it!

Updated on July 3, 2022

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