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DCA and Grid backtesting contest

As we announced a month ago in this video we are doing a backtesting contest.

Simple: you had to find the best performing backtest covering all 2021.

We have now reviewed all results and there.

Some incredible gems that we want to share in this article.

We have “preselected a winner” who reported over 400% PNL for the year.

We tested these results in the 1 hour timeframe using a premium TradingView account and it gave us 350% which is still the top result among all backtests submitted.

You can checkout by yourself the results:

Daily plot of the grid setup
TradingView strategy PNL report
TTP Grid settings

What’s the price?

You can win this 0.5 ETH TradingParrots NFT item.

What’s next?

We will give 24 hrs to anyone who’s interested in reviewing the “preselected winner” results.

Have a look at the chart, the settings and the results and let us know if you think we missed anything wrong with the setups.

If after 24 hrs we confirm the submission is valid then we will publish the official winner and let him/her know about the good news!

Other participants

You can find the submissions of all other participants below.

There’s a LOT of great stuff!

Winner update

We fully confirmed the setup was valid and we have transferred the 0.5 ETH TradingParrots NFT item to the winner. You can click on the image below to navigate to the actual comment on Youtube.

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