Dilan DCA bot

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Updated on May 22, 2021

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  1. Is the correct configuration Base or Quote? The 3commas link to the bot shows Base but in the “What can modify in this bot” suggests it is Quote.

    Also I think you forgot to change this: “Who should invest in Mikelo?”

    Thank you! and great job!

  2. Hi,

    I’m a ‘Parrot Observer’ tier Patreon but I can’t see this post (and some others). Do I need a higher Patreon tier?


    1. yes, but I wouldn’t do it before looking at the RSI7 levels on a chart. 30min, 1h, 4h historic levels for some of the tokens to find a good combination to enter. Trading on BTC is much more volatile than on USD, as both the base and quote markets are moving. An example could be using
      RSI7-4h < 30, RSI7-1h < 30, RSI7-30min < 20. This would filter out the extra bad entries you can expect from the added volatility. It's only an example, you need to look at the charts to validate it.

  3. I have had Dilan Extreme on for the past week and it has made no deals. The money on was 20 / 40 USD and I’ve now increased to 75 / 150 USD to be nearer to your own 150 / 300 USD amount.

    Does the smaller amount of money affect the bots ability to trade?

    Thank you

    1. The amounts don’t affect in any way here. Dilan extreme is for catastrophic market conditions. You have to have it on right before or during the collpase of the price, it won’t open any deal unless we have another heavy correction (more than 50% BTC correction).

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