FFALL signal

This signal uses 3X down tokens from Binance.com

It’s based on TTPTSL and it’s designed for the bear market.

Performance & risk

The backtest performance from 1st of November 2021 to 8 of June 2022 can be seen in the table below

TokenPNLDrawdownTV chart

Both PNL and drawdown are representing the good performance of a strategy trading with the BEAR trend of the market.

FFALL performs best if switched on from the time the market is about to enter a bear trend so that it can call the collapse of the prices.

On the other hand switching ON this strategy right before starting a bull trend or a strong relief rally can cause losses way larger than the drawdowns captured in the table above.

For example, copy one of the chart links from the table and switch from a DOWN to and UP token during a period where the token is actually bearish. You will see how for example ADAUP gets almost 200% in losses.

Hive firing bearish divergences in the 4H and daily can be a good way to anticipate some corrections but as mentioned this strategy FFALL really shines during a FREE FALL of prices and the period from November 2021 to June 2022 is a great example of that ideal scenario.

The risk of this strategy is very high as it’s not exactly easy to anticipate that the market will collapse consistently for more than 6 months almost non-stop.

Tokens supported

It supports all down tokens from Binance: DOTDOWN, XRPDOWN, TRXDOWN, BNBDOWN, ADADOWN, BTCDOWN and ETHDOWN.

How to subscribe the FFALL signal

Before subscribing the signal you should double check that:

  • you have the corresponding tier to use FFALL
  • the number of bots that you are planning to subscribe to the FFALL signals are within the allowance of your tier plus any active NFT boosters.
  • you have connected the BotAssistant app to your account in the website and it’s active.

Once the all the above points are checked then you can add the following BAQL statement inside the name of the bot. Once you save the bot you should start receiving signals in a few hours. If not you can troubleshoot it using our self service website and if there’s nothing wrong there you can ask one of our moderators via our discord server.

BAQL:SIG:FFALL [email protected] 

If you want to combine multiple BAQL instructions including ORC or pair selection you can check the BAQL reference.

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