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Gavin’s backtester v0.7.19 now supports Trailing Take Profit

One of the most requested features of Gavin’s backtester has been to add trailing take profit and now you can use it for both long and short DCA bots.

The feature mimics the behaviour of 3Commas DCA bots.

It works pretty good but I haven’t found yet a way to know when it gets activated and which value is the current trailing on.

Once the price reaches the TP % then the trailing is activated and it will follow the price as long as it doesn’t retrace more than the TTP% provided. If the price doesn’t reach the TP level and therefore the TTP is not activated and later a new SO is filled that would drag the TP level lower and therefore the TTP activation too. Once the TTP is active, the exit price will also come down. Those are a few things that work very different compared to other strategies like TTPTSL where there’s no DCA element and TP levels are not expected to change due to new orders getting filled.

How to test Trailing TP?

Very easy, first you can for example set the BTCUSDT chart to 5 mins

Set the max price to 22K to prevent entering any long position higher than that.

Select Open deal ASAP to enter deals constantly

Set the TP to 3% and observe the profits for the past 3 weeks.

Now activate trailing TP by setting it to 1. You should identify any deal prior to enabling the TTP and then observe at which new price the deal is closing thanks to the TTP being active.

You can repeat the same exercise now but with short bots.

You can get access to Gavin’s backtester by subscribing at least a picnic TTP tier.

Updated on July 6, 2022

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