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How can I edit the funds assigned to a DCA bot?

You can increase or decrease the funds assigned of DCA bots at any time.

Editing the funds assigned to a DCA bot won’t alter any existing open deal created by the bot you edit. Only new deals will reflect any changes made to a the DCA bot.

There are mainly 3 areas in the DCA bot configuration that can have an impact on the funds that are assigned to a DCA bot:

  1. Base and Safety order size
  2. Max active deals
  3. Safety order volume scale

We will focus on 1 and 2 only. Although 3 affects the funds used by a bot it can dramatically change the underlying strategy of the bot so it’s not a great option to use to adjust the funds (unless we do want to change the original strategy).

The first option: base and safety orders

You can reduce or increase base and safety orders as long as you maintain the ratio between base and safety orders. If they were 20 and 30, the ratio is 2 to 3, so in principle you can set any value that is also 2:3 like for example 1000 and 1500.

The only limitations are your budget and the minimum order size supported by your exchange.You will see an in-line error if you used a value too low.

Keep an eye on the right panel for the “max value for bot usage” to make sure you don’t use more/less than you intended to use.

The second option: max active deals

This is a second option for two reasons:

  1. if you reduce this too much you might be altering the original strategy.
  2. if you increase it too much you might end up with too many deal allocations unused which can lead to lazy funds (you don’t want to allocate funds that most of the time are not being used).

You can find more detail in this video:

Updated on February 5, 2021

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