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How can I get help or support?

Non-patreons members

We have a very active community so feel free to ask in any channel specific to the topic you have in mind like #stocks, #crypto, #3commas-bots.

Patreon members

You have access to Patreon discussion where you can discuss all the Patreon content with moderators, TTP and other Patreon members.

VIP Patreon members

You have access to all including the VIP support channel. This channel gets top priority for answering your queries from moderators and TTP.

Updated on February 5, 2021

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  1. As Binance has been banned from some operations in the UK due to licensing issues, will this affect the running of the bots for UK users? Will another exchange have to be used? Thank you for any update in relation to this.

    1. I believe this is misinformation and FUD, please check binance official twitter account for more information.
      I still have my futures bots switched off just in case.

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