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How much do I need to invest to make the TTP Patreon subscription worth?

It’s a very fair question.

Let’s look at the last 30 days. It’s definitely one of the worst months. 20 of February hit us hard but still, here we are looking at our bots doing day by day their thing.

Let’s look at the actual numbers.

In the last month bots close deals for a profit of 7139 USD.

The current reserve is 1666 USD. Some bots have open deals still so we consider this too.

That leaves us with a total profit of 5473 USD. We deduct it from the sum before.

Up until the 16th of March we had invested 29K. We only added extra funds yesterday.

This makes a monthly P/L of 18.8%

So here are some rough calculations of how much you would need to have invested in the same bot setup we are running to break even after paying for the Patreon subscription.

Parrot observer costs 57.5 USD, each country charges different taxes so I’m using the taxes we get charged in UK (which is not the cheapest one).

  • To make 57.7 USD in a month you would need invested 305 USD.
  • VIP pay 143 USD would require 757 USD.
  • VIP with calls pay 285 USD would require 1510 USD.

But most bots can’t be copied with less than 500 USD. Currently we are running 8 bots in total. It’s not possible to mimic this setup with less than 4000 USD unless we actually changed the setup.

If you then run the setup with 4000 USD then you would have made 720 USD in the same 30 day period.

So although in theory 18% would require only 305 USD to break even and pay the parrot observer subscription, you would still require at least 4K to run the full setup.

Things that were not included in this analysis

There’s some extra aspects to consider that will also impact how positive this analysis can initially sound.

  • VIP have access to the VIP signals which contribute to stretch the profits higher and balancing the risk by spreading the investment into different strategies.
  • People joining half way the month and Patreon charging up-front and on the 1st of the month again
  • Months in crypto are never the same…we are having a mediocre month. We could be in an extremely bullish month or in a massacre, so its more about the long term rather than doing a single month analysis. Maybe worth looking into the yearly analysis once we turn into one year old?

Updated on March 17, 2021

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