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How should I interpret the signals from the #indicator-signals discord channel?

Currently the #indicator-signals channel on Discord shares the following signals:

  1. Bollinger bands 15m Buy/Sell signals. This signal is just using this basic trading indicator on a short timeframe which is meant to give you an idea of what BTC is doing. I personally use it during the day to alert me when things are going up and down during the day.
  2. CPR pivot levels. To understand this indicator you should watch my CPR video. This indicator uses BTC 15m chart and it’s used by many professional forex manual traders to forecast when a symbol is about to make an explosive move. You can interpret it as “let’s be a bit more conservative now, there can be a big move on in the next hours to next day”. Every 24 hours it calculates pivot levels and if they are very narrow it triggers when the next session starts (every 24 hours if the condition is met). See video below.
  3. SuperTrend and SuperGuppy Buy/Sell 4h. These two indicators are trend indicators using BTC 4h. They make you aware of whether we are on an uptrend or downtrend on BTC. Scroll up and find the last time they trigger.

How should I use these indicators?

No indicator can be interpreted as 100% accurate. They just flag an idea, but then we need to look at the chart and confirm the facts.

I don’t use them to trade, I use them to grab my attention only.

I do not panic sell if I see the trend indicators flagging a SELL signal but sometimes I go to these sources to see what’s actually going on:

  1. Twitter: MMCrypto, The moon, etc any of the shouty channels that spend 24 hrs causing anxiety to all daily traders.
  2. Telegram groups.
  3. Coin360
  4. TradingView BTC chart
  5. TTP discord server

If you have the whole TTP discord server muted, consider leaving #indicator-signals channel unmuted to get notifications on how things are going for BTC.

Updated on February 9, 2021

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    1. It helps me form an idea of where the market is going. For example if we are all in red, and suddenly both 4h signals are triggering BUY, it can potentially mean we are resuming the long term bull trend. It’s good to stay aware of what’s going on at all times.
      I don’t use them to “overreact” or “panic sell”. They are just for overall awareness.

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