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How to buy TTP NFT


If it is the first time you are purchasing an NFT, the process can be a bit difficult. Therefore, we are going to walk you through the process.

First of all you will need to set up a Metamask wallet.

Once you have your wallet you will need to make sure you are on the Ethereum Mainnet as TTP NFT collection is minted on the Ethereum network (ERC-1155).

Now it’s time to chose your favourite NFT from the collection in opensea.io selecting “Buy Now” from the menu.

The collection is quite large and we suggest to purchase only items that are on sale to start with as the process of making offers is more complex.

You will then need to send some ETH into your Metamask wallet. You will need to have enough ETH to purchase the item and cover the Gas fees (Gwei) of the purchase. 

Gas fees vary depending on the day and the time of the day. So you can see here when it is statistically cheaper. And you can also use this calculator to estimate the exact fees in real-time with the Gwei you have right now from this website.

Quick video of the the whole purchase process below

Keeping tokens in a hot wallet like Metamask can be risky if not used with the proper precautions. Below some links to take some safety measures.

Please refer to this guide about what you should know when you connect your wallet to a website and this video on the same topic.

NFT Bundles

If you would like to purchase more than one NFT we can create a bundle where you can select your favourite NFTs..

What do we need:

  • Send us your ETH public address (preferably Metamask to prevent compatibility issues). You can send it via Patreon PM, you can post it in #contact-a-moderator and flag a moderator , up to you how “private” you want your address
  • Pick the items that are available for sale, the price of the bundle will be the sum of the prices
  • The bundle will have your discord username as bundle name so you can find it easily (let me know if you opt-out for this default name choice)
  • Only you will be able to get it as it will be whitelisted to only your ETH address for a limited time

This is the submission form

Items that are not on sale yet can be included in the bundle. However, the price could be higher than the current floor price. The rarity, current demand, etc., all affect the price. Keep in mind that the better the offer, the more likely the chances are that TTP will accept it. As mentioned before, making an offer is a much longer process, and it requires you to convert ETH into Wrapped ETH (WETH).

Updated on March 2, 2022

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