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How to connect Collab.Land and MetaMask

When connecting to the Collab.Land bot with a MetaMask wallet, it is recommended to start the process from the desktop version of Discord and use MetaMask extension in your desktop browser.

1. First begin the process in The Trading Parrot (TTP) Discord server going to the #collabland-join channel, select the “Let’s go!” button

2. The bot will send a DM, select the “Connect Wallet” button. 

3. The bot will direct you to a wallet selection page. Select MetaMask.

4. If you have more than one account configured in MetaMask, MetaMask will open a window asking to select a proper account. Check you are selecting the proper Network: Ethereum.

5. MetaMask will show you a new page with the message to sign. Select Sign.

6. If this is your first time using Collab.Lab on any Telegram or Discord server MetaMask will ask you to connect your wallet. Then you will see what permission the Collab.Land bot is requesting. Read carefully and select Connect.

10. MetaMask will put a message the wallet is connected.

11. Go to the TTP Discord server. In the #collabland-join channel you will see the roles are granted.

12. Check your new roles on Discord. Also, check the 🦜 in your Discord name!

Enjoy the new perks and privileges!

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