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How to increase the amount invested on a single bot

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Updated on September 15, 2021

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  1. Hi I am using a lot QFL day trade and I am interested about the gap if you use many deals or just one. You saying it is more profitable to just use lets say 3 deals instead of 12 i am using at the moment? or if i use day trade instead of original i won’t notice it as much?

    1. In my experience less deals outperforms more max deals.
      running it with less deals is also more scary, as it sometimes buys falling knifes…which I prefer to hold in smaller chunks, hence the compromise of having more deals.
      I’ve ran QFL for a while and in the long run, all deals close. Even if you run it with a single deal…and that extra risk, actually pays off.
      But I can encourage all my patreons to go for that. Not everybody has the same tolerance to holding red bags, even if they are actually pretty rewarding “most” of the time.

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