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I’m getting API key errors on Binance/3Commas

I woke up this morning seeing this error:

API keys are no longer valid or incorrect

I asked 3Commas support and apparently it’s because I’ve been using two separated api keys/secret:

  • one for spot and
  • one for futures

This causes errors on 3Commas. See the image below:

The correct way to add Binance to 3Commas is to add it with a single Binance API key and secret but enabling futures, like in the picture below:

If you see two exchange pies with the same allocation it’s probably because you added twice the same account and then it can cause errors.

How to solve it?

It depends. Do you have active bots on the duplicate exchange accounts. By duplicate accounts I mean accounts that are the same but have been added to your 3commas account using different binance API keys.

If yes, then you should probably only use one. And for that you will need to pick one and plan accordingly what to do with whichever bot, grid, smart trade you have on going.

You probably want to let those fully finish. But we know some might take a long time, so it all comes down to what’s the current impact of the API issues: are the bots still able to place orders?

Once there’s not any activity left going on in the account that you are planning to remove then you can head to accounts and remove it. Be careful as this is not possible to undo it and if you don’t know what you are doing you can really cause a big disaster if there are orders or bots associated with that account.

Updated on April 8, 2022

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