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Lambo signals: New exchanges and pairs

You guys requested to have Lambo for more exchanges.

Today I managed to get an extra premium trading view subscription and deployed Lambo signals for the following exchanges:

  • Binance.com – USDT pairs
  • Binance.com – BUSD pairs
  • Binance.us – USD pairs
  • FTX.com – USDT pairs

More details in the main page of lambo

Next month stayed tuned for new polls. But as you can see I stick to my word and am delivering what you guys have asked for 🙂

What’s next? 

I’m going to be adding the new pairs for MarketCipher signals that you requested. 


TradingView saving tips $$$

In order to not pay full price on trading view what I do is:

  • open new account using my referral and get up to $30 (we both get)
  • go for trial 1 month of the tier you want
  • I went for premium to get 400 alerts and the max data for backtesting possible
  • they say they have it at 599 USD
  • Ignore it, just pick 1 month trial
  • Wait for an email offering you a 60% discount
  • I ended up paying 288 USD for the whole year of premium subscription!
  • Next year you can cancel and wait for another offer, whenever I don’t renew I get offered big discounts, I discovered that while I was trialing trading view 

Do you know any other trick? I was looking for discount codes, but couldn’t find any valid one left.

Updated on September 15, 2021

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