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LCBA 10X Safira profits last week

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Updated on October 11, 2021

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  1. Interesting results. I was going to message you and say that I’ve been getting much better results with my version of Safira after adding coins I am bullish with (USDT_ADA, USDT_AVAX, USDT_AXS, USDT_BTC, USDT_ETH, USDT_LUNA, USDT_OMG, USDT_POLY, USDT_QNT, USDT_SOL, USDT_THETA, USDT_UNI, USDT_WAVES).

    Some days last week I was getting $20 profit and I’m only using $5k instead of the $10k you’ve allocated. That being said it has been slowed down since and I think your bot is now doing better than mine so I’m going to try the lunacrush setup.

    I looked at the stats for Safira and saw that most of the time very few safety orders were being used for so I’ve created another bot using the coins that performed best with < 3 safety orders from my original Safira. I've been running this alongside my normal Safira so it has half the total number of SOs to allow more funds to be allocated to deals.

    Over the last 4 days it has generated an average of 0.6% a day (including today which isn't over yet). Obviously it's more risky, but with the market as it is I'm happy to take a slightly more risky approach with a smaller budget to run alongside the more conservative version. As the market gets increasingly over extended I will turn this bot off.

    Have you set up your Safira to turn off when the bot orchestrator fires? I am wary of my profits being lost when the market corrects which I imagine will happen in a couple of months.

    1. That’s great. Cherry picking is always the best option for people that know what they are doing and have the time and dedication to follow up with what’s going on with the bot frequently.

      I believe that LCBA is a big steppe, but not only for busy or beginners but if you can design a good combination of LCBA pairs, deal start conditions you can push the returns massively. Of course, I recommend beginners to not do so. As soon as the market turns the back to the alts, then it can be very slow to recover.

      You can always have copies of safira, one with the tokens you like and one with LCBA…there will be times your cherry picking will be way better and times when you don’t get it right and the more automated way would be best.

      You’d be surprise which tokens are making it to the top 10 sometimes!

      You can check in the dashboard which bots use ORC. Safira doesn’t use it.

      1. Having multiple copies of Safira is a really good idea. I’m going to give this a go!

        Thank you for the help. Appreciate it!

  2. This is an interesting result but looking at the data in the dashboard it doesn’t seem it’s really performing well and moreover, there’s no data for the safira version that doesn’t use Lunacrash. It would be interesting to have it. Can you give us more data on how big is the improvement?

  3. good evening, could you advise on how I can buy the position to gain the form for 3C to link to lunacrush.

    many thanks


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