Market Cipher signals and DCA bots

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Updated on June 28, 2021

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  1. The results in the backrest are daily monthly or bimonthly? How much leverage were they using? I’m also not clear on the risk table comparison, CB:CS shows a higher value than the rest

    1. All the answers should be already in the article:
      “The following table shows the backtest performance of each combination of signal with DCA bot template in the past 2 months.”

      “It’s important to note that even the risky signal with the risky DCA bot would have closed ALL deals if they were switched off the 10th of May. On the 12th of May we had the Parrot ratio signal triggering a STOP signal on Discord. If we had stop all these bots that day, only the BTC would have open a red deal which if we closed as soon as the STOP triggered it wouldn’t get as big as leaving it open as shown in the table below”

      All backtests results are without the leverage, just spot price results.

          1. What’s the difference between the signals then? Where does the extra risk come in?

  2. Thanks for the information. The form seems to be unaccassible now.
    a question regarding Futures Bot Calculator, Why it would require more total reserve for lower laverage with everything been the same? For example 3x would require 470$ for CB while 10x require 340$? Am doing it correctly?

    1. The form is disabled because we are still working on it. As mentioned in the patreon article it should be ready before Monday.
      When you increase the leverage the calculator leaves fixed the BO/SO size and reduces the amount needed for the bot as you increase more and more the leverage which means you are needing less and less funds to run the same original BO/SO you provide. There’s shouldn’t be anything wrong with that IMO.

      1. TP, do you see any downside to have the bot run with a 100x leverage and same BO/SO ratio? if not, i could run several boths with the same reserve by using a higher leverage.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve started using this last week on ADA/USDT. So far it has performed really well. I’ve added a 4th SO to cover a max safe order price deviation of 40%! Look forward to getting some other pairs on soon. Thanks so much for making this available to the Parrot Observer Tier!

    Cheers from Australia!


  4. Hi Mariano,

    Any advice or alternative about using the Calculator for COIN-M?

    Thanks for your great work!

  5. Are the Risky templates still available for Observer Tier? For me they just stopped working and I can’t find any announcement?

  6. Looks like the Binance Futures Anti-Liquidation Bot Calculator no longer exists. How can we do this calculation ourselves?

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