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Patreon tiers & custom pledges

Our Patreon page only gives benefits and rewards to Patreon pledges to a tiers.

Before subscribing any tier look carefully at which benefits are offered for each tier.

If your tier is sold out, contact a moderator on Discord to find out when it will become available again.

Why tiers get sold out?

We are a new channel and we are very small still. We are growing fast which is exciting.

We need to grow at a sustainable pace. There’s a lot of admin in taking in 50 new Patreons in a few days. This conflicts with our ability to keep pushing new content and engaging with the existing users. We only open new allocations when all the new Patreons are sitting comfortably and already enjoining the content.

We want our Patreons to stay for the long run so please be patient. We open new allocations frequently during the month.

Why there’s no allocation in the last days of the month?

We charge up-front and then the Patreon system charges on the 1st of each month automatically. Even though we highlight this with a big disclaimer in the Patreon website, many excited users missed the message and then send us a message requesting for a refund due to getting charge again a few days later on the 1st. To prevent further issues, we reopen allocations on the 2nd of the month. Why? Patreon charges on the 1st 0 hrs PST timezone, Pacific time. Most people are not aware so opening the allocations on the 2nd of the month prevents issues with this too.

What do I get if I make a custom pledge (a Patreon without any tier selected)?

We strongly encourage you to only become a subscriber of a selected tier.

Do not make a custom pledge!

Custom pledge won’t give you access to any content, article, signal, private channel, etc.

Custom pledge are meant as a way to give something back to the channel only.

Only selecting a tier will give you benefits or rewards.

If the tier you are after is sold out “do not make a custom pledge”. Do not pay 🙂

We have contacted Patreon to request a new feature so we can disable custom pledges to avoid all these issues and they are currently evaluating the request.

Updated on February 10, 2021

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