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Patreons Onboarding Guide

Members only content

You need to have at least a Picnic membership to access this content.

If you already have a TTP or Patreon membership login to unlock it now.

NOTE 1: If your membership is with Patreon you can use the "Unlock with Patreon" button below.

NOTE 2: New patreon members: if the content still doesn't unlock and you signed up a few hours ago read this.

In order to access this content you will need a Membership.
Already a qualifying Patreon member? Refresh to access this content.
Updated on September 26, 2022

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  1. Is “To view this content, you must be a member of The’s Patreon at $3 or more” a conflict with the zero cost for the first 1K members? Please advise.

    1. The zero cost is for the users who join our Discord server before the YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers. We have now surpassed this but there is still free access to part of the server, with private sections for patreons. Please do not pay the $3, you will get nothing for it. This is something we cannot remove from Patreon. If you want to sign up to a Patreon tier please check out membership levels.

  2. All I see are the steps you took and then: This content is available exclusively to members of The’s Patreon at $3 or more. Im a VIP member. What am I supposed to do?

      1. If you already used the “connect with patreon” in this website and selected “allow” then you should be able to access all the content, unless there was an issue with your actual Patreon account, like a billing issue or maybe if your account doesn’t have any valid Patreon “tier” subscription. “Parrot observer” is an example of a valid one.

        1. I cannot access the the parrot observer level content I just paid for. I checked that the payment has been charged and that there are no billing issues.

          I’m logged into my Patreon account and I have allowed the TradingParrot website to have access, but when I try accessing any of the content, I’m sent back to the “Log in with Patreon” message screen. Which asks me to “Allow” the website access again, which I do, but then it loops me back to the login with Patreon prompt.

          I seem to be stuck in a login/access loop.

          1. I’m in the same situation! I can’t find the way to PM the Trading Parrot too… can help me please?

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