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Risk profile of bots in the dashboard

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Updated on July 14, 2021

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  1. Very useful info, thanks. However, you say “The bots at the top are more aggressive than bots at the bottom on each individual column. So for example Martyn is more conservative than Dilan.” Isn’t it the opposite, Dilan is more conservative than Martyn?

  2. Potresti tradurre in numeri what makes a bot more conservative?
    Larger deviation….
    Deal start conditions….

  3. Sorry I started writing in Italian and after switched in English.
    Could you translate into numbers what makes a bot more conservative?
    Larger deviation ….
    Deal start conditions ….

    1. I cannot tell you something like “above a 10% deviation it becomes a conservative bot”. That would be a bad answer. 10% might be ok for a token that has a typical monthly drawdown average of 6%. But 10% is very risky on a bot trading leverage 3X tokens like BULL. The higher the deviation, the more conservative the bot. If you are using two flavours of the same bot with the same tokens and the same parameters and you increase deviation, the bot will become more conservative. There’s no such a thing as over X% it becomes conservative unfortunately.

      In regards to deal start condition I just made a change to that part to elaborate

      1. Thanks!
        Do you think that if I have enough funds, it pays to increase the deviation regardless of the kind of bot used? I have a simple bot for OMG with 15 SO and 2% deviation that are all completed and now the deal is at -12%. I’m wondering if it is convenient to add SO or put less since in any case the deal end up in the red zone.

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