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RSI ratio long/shorts July performance

RSI ratio long/shorts is an indicator that we are currently using as an orchestrator signal (RSIRALS). You can use it to start or stop your bots.

But you can also access the indicator and use it on TradingView. For that head to our charts page and copy the RSI ratio L/S chart to your account.

This indicator uses the information of leverage longs and shorts from Bitfimex to determine areas of interest:

When you expand the data window on a TV chart containing the RSIRALS indicator you will be able to hover the chart and read what each coloured area means.

The best areas to trade are the strong positive or negative gaps. They occur when there’s a large gap between what the market is doing and the exhaustion of the same trend. They tend to cause panic exists from players and therefore pull backs or at least sideways.

The higher the timeframe you use the stronger the signal but the least frequent you will get them. As you can see in the chart above I like having a combination of 4 different timeframes and the most timeframes confirming a signal the most likely it won’t be a fake out.

These are the past 4 signals we had since early July:

  • 2.83% ( Drawdown 3%) 30m tf
  • 13.1% ( Drawdown 3%) 60m tf
  • 4.65% (Drawdown 1.3%) 30m tf
  • 8.7% ( Drawdown 0.1%) 30m tf
  • 1.58% ( Drawdown 1.73%, still open) 60m tf

They are also displayed in the chart.

Updated on August 9, 2022

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