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Should DCA bots stay switched off during weekends?


The answer is it depends on the strategy you are using.

But if you’ve been trading with bots for a while you would probably remember regretting having some bots on during the weekend. There’s just too much manipulative volatility.

Bots can be designed with that in consideration but many prefer to keep bots switched off for the whole weekend.

For them the good news are that we are currently working on a simple but hopefully very useful new ORC signal that will:

  1. Send a SELL on Saturday 0:00 hrs UTC
  2. Send a BUY on Monday 0:00 hrs UTC

It will be called “WE” and once its available you will be able to use it with BAQL just like any other ORC signal.

Stop bots on weekends example:


Keep in mind that you can do the opposite too: trade weekends only.

And thanks to the power of BAQL you are not only limited to START and STOP bot re actions, you can also close deals at market price or use any other other re actions available.


If you are already a user of orchestration signals you are probably aware that a bot might receive a SELL signal during a weekend and if the same bot is also subscribed to the weekend ORC signal this last one will switch the bot back on on Monday regardless of what any other ORC signal got triggered over the weekend.

The weekend ORC in that case is only recommend to be used by itself and not in conjunction with any other ORC signal.

Updated on August 3, 2022

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