Simplified alerts for TTPTSL

TTPTSL version 0.4.2 brings “3C alert settings”

Now it’s much easier to create alerts for multiple pairs thanks to this new mode.

No need to add a separated 3commas webhook json for each pair when setting up composite DCA bots.

Now you can just add the bot id, the email token and the pattern of the tokens used ONCE per composite bot.

The pattern (the third parameter) uses 1 for the quote currency and 2 for the base currency.

If you are trading the BTC/USDT pair on TradingView 3commas expects to receive USDT_BTC as the pair parameter and that’s when the pattern comes in handy:

  • 1 is the quote currency
  • 2 is the base currency

So if you use 1_2 as the pattern that will send USDT_BTC in the generated Jason payload sent to the 3commas webhook.

new 3C alert settings

Other examples:

  • If you are trading BTC/USDT and you use the pattern “1_2” you will get USDT_BTC in the alerts
  • If you are trading BTCDOWN/USDT that will still produce USDT_BTC if still using “1_2”. You then need to change the pattern to 1_2DOWN to be able to produce USDT_BTCDOWN. That is because TradingView still registers BTC as the base.

Hint: Whenever you are setting up alerts using the mode enable the debug mode to be able to see right in the chart exactly what will be sent to 3commas so you can adjust it to match what the 3commas bot expects to receive.

If the pair information sent to the webhook does not match the one/s expected by the bot then no deal will open (or close).

Debug mode

This new mode also allows using automated tools like ATAT to add alerts for hundreds of coins to tradingview.

If you are not using 3commas you can enable Json messages and still use the legacy mode for settings webhook alerts.

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