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Live streams

The Youtube block below is a video playlist and contains ALL past live streams including the latest.

To access this content, you must purchase Yearly Picnic, Picnic, VIP, Gold, Yearly Observer, Yearly Gold, Yearly VIP with Call, Yearly VIP, Observer or VIP with Calls. Check what’s included in each tier.

Past live stream recordings

You can either select play which will play one by one starting from the latest one.

Or you can click the right top corner playlist icon and see the full video list so you can select which one to watch:

Who can join YouTube live streams?

All tier TTP and Patreon members.

When is the next one?

You can find in our Discord server in the top left section called “events”.

On the 1st of each month we schedule two live streams for members (at the end of the month you won’t see any event scheduled).

We recommend using the RSVP function to get a discord reminder when the event is about to start. But if you miss it don’t worry, bookmark this page and you can always watch the recording later.

Can I ask questions in the live stream?

Absolutely the main idea of the live stream is that we can interact and the content gets better the more questions you ask! so feel free to join and interact 🙂