Unleashing the Potential of Grid Bot Trading: A 3Commas Tutorial

In this video, we explore the world of Grid Bots and the new features and strategies offered by 3Commas. Join us as we uncover the Rising, Stable, and Futures strategies, their characteristics, risk-reward ratios, and optimal usage scenarios. Discover the Rising strategy as an alternative to buy and hold, designed for anticipating upward movement. The […]

Trade against the flow – use “Point of break”

In this video, I’ll introduce you to an exciting new indicator called TTP Breaking Point, which provides signals based on the number of longs and shorts data in the crypto market. Knowing when there are too many longs or shorts is crucial for manual trading. This open-source indicator is available to everyone and offers alerts […]

VIP setup 1: RSI Breakout strategy

UPDATE 1: if you are running this setup using 3X tokens you must increase your SL accordingly. 3X tokens are three times more volatile thanks to the variable leverage applied so if the asset only moves 1% the 3x token might reach a move of “up to 3%” in the same direction. UPDATE 2: if […]

Teddy ETH 2.72% a day setup

Update: exit condition changed to crossing UP 70 instead of crossing down. I got inspired in the today’s Parrot backtest party episode and decided to tweak a bit more the setup and found this cool one that shows 2.72% a day in the past 230 days. I’m going to test it with a small amount […]

Bot performance: April 18th 2023

If you want to know what bots did best during a full month of BTC season this is the video to watch. Pionex bots reviewed in this video can be found here.

New indicator: Leverage Squeeze

TTP Leverage Squeeze is a new indicator that looks up for opportunities for long and short squeezes caused by over leveraged traders in the market. I use it in a TradingView 4H chart using the BINANCE:BTCUSDT symbol. Below you can see the latest signals it’s been triggering pretty much always at great reversal areas with […]

New indicator: TTP Teddy

This indicator is designed for scalping potential tops and bottoms. The areaTH parameter acts like a quality filter. The highest this value the less signals you will get. The RSI filters are there to prevent attempting to find bottoms in areas that are not oversold overbought. The Teddy signal is the original but I also […]


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TTP FED BTC Trader – study version available now

FED BTC Trader strategy offers backtesting and alerts which can be used to trade with bots on any bot platform that accepts webhooks for open deal and close deal. You can just use it “as it is” but I received some requests to be able to backtest it with Gavin’s, Aster’s or even TTPTSL backtester. […]