5 Must-have funding rates TradingView indicators

Are you trading on the wrong side of the market? Are you about to get dumped or pumped? Keeping an eye (even passively with an alert) on these indicators can help creating awareness of potential cumulative risks upcoming from an over-leveraged market. The effects can be experienced to the upside or downside. In this video […]

March Members-only live stream

Covered topics: Dollar index, levels we need to achieve to top to allow BTC to move up. How bullish is DXY Nasdaq and SP500 confirming breaking down BTC showing impressive resilience against indices and stocks Williams %R and ATR normalised: what we require to bottom according to this model EMA Ribbon, low timeframes are flipping […]

What if Benjamin Cowen was running a Cardano DCA bot?

Benjamin Cowen, one of my favourite YouTube influencers explains in a recent video how it was to ride Cardano in 2018 when after an 85% dump he had to stomach another 65% additional drop in the price followed by sideways bearish movement for more than a year before experiencing 4000% increase in the following years. […]