In this video, I’ll introduce you to an exciting new indicator called TTP Breaking Point, which provides signals based on the number of longs and shorts data in the crypto market. Knowing when there are too many longs or shorts is crucial for manual trading. This open-source indicator is available to everyone and offers alerts and backtesting on TradingView. Backtests have shown impressive results, with up to 2% daily returns on the one-hour chart using 25x leverage.

I’ll share all the details of how to configure the signal to achieve similar results when trading Bitcoin and altcoins. Plus, you’ll discover how to automate this strategy using DCA bots.

In the video, we’ll examine the indicator and its components. We’ll explore its buy and sell conditions, and I’ll provide examples of profitable trades. Additionally, we’ll discuss performance analysis.

Charts in the video:


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Point of break indicator

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