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Who can join bot workshop zoom calls?

Vip and higher tier members.

When is the next one?

You can find in our Discord server in the top left section called “events”.

On the 1st of each month we schedule one bot workshop for VIP members (at the end of the month you won’t see any event scheduled).

We recommend using the RSVP function to get a discord reminder when the event is about to start. But if you miss it don’t worry, bookmark this page and you can always watch the recording later. 

Each month we swap the timing. One month its morning time London, the month after is evening London. In this way we accommodate for people to join from everywhere.

What do we do in each bot workshop?

In the workshop I usually start with a topic around a new bot or setup I’m currently working on but the main idea of the workshop is to encourage collaboration and discussion: what works, what doesn’t, new ideas or projects from YOU.

Provide each other feedback. We encourage you to provide honest and respectful feedback.

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