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BAQL filter migration rules

On the 15th of July for the first time we will be pulling all coins from LunarCrush API.

So far we’ve been only pulling the top 200 AltRank coins. We had a “bullish” bias, but from the 15th this cap will be disabled.

You can learn more about these plans from our article from the past week about BotAssistant 2.3.

This means the following for the bots we’ve been running.

Example 1: bots sorting by AltRank

If you had bot that was selecting pairs by top AltRank, for example like this one:

Seaweed 2 - 607 USDT - BAQL:PS:ALL_5_LCAR [email protected]

Serpil 6 BTC - bot assistant BAQL:PS:ALL_3_LCAR ORC:[ORIG:SELL_STP RSIRALS:SELL_STP HIVE1H:SELL_STP STHA2H:SELL_STP] [email protected] - 0.00600096 - 340 USDT

BTC Long Bot BAQL:PS:ALL_10_LCAR [email protected]

As you can see in the examples above the 3 of them are picking top AltRank coins. They are sorting from all tokens the top 5, top 3 or top 10 AltRank coins. Because we’ve been only reading from the top 200 coins and on the 15th we will remove the cap allowing selecting from 4000 coins, none of the examples above require any additional filter.

The top X AltRank from the top 200 AltRank is still the same even if now we select the top X from all 4000 coins.

Action needed for bots that were sorting by AltRank is none. They don’t need any additional filter.

Example 2: bot sorting by any other criteria non-AltRank

If your bot has been selecting pairs picking certain number of them sorted by any other criteria that is not the AltRank, for example: GalaxyScore, bullish sentiment, etc.


Atalanta - QFL position trader - 800 usdt BAQL:PS:ALL_100_BUS ORC:[ORIG:SELL_STP RSIRALS:SELL_STP HIVE1H:SELL_STP STHA2H:SELL_STP] [email protected] 

BTC BEBEK 0.09 btc - bot assistant BAQL:PS:ALL_20_MC [email protected] 

All of the examples above are not sorting by GalaxyScore.

Since we’ve been limiting results to only pairs in the top 200 AltRank, and will be removing that cap from the 15th, therefore we MUST do something with each and every bot that is sorting by ANY criteria that is not AltRank.

We will have to add a pair selection filter that limits the results to only pairs in the top 200 AltRank. In this way on the 15th of July they will carry on working as before.

Let’s focus on the pair selection changes


No changes are needed to the BAQL parts that relate to ORC or signals. Notice how the full bot name of Atalanta example looks after the changes:

Atalanta - QFL position trader - 800 usdt BAQL:PS:ALL_100_BUS_(LCAR<=200) ORC:[ORIG:SELL_STP RSIRALS:SELL_STP HIVE1H:SELL_STP STHA2H:SELL_STP] [email protected] 

Example 3: bots that use reverse sorting

Not many users use reverse sorting bots but let’s discuss what would need to be done.

In principle all you have to remember is that whatever you were doing before was always selecting pairs from the subset of coins of top 200 AltRank coins.

If you were selecting the coins with highest GalaxyScore (most bearish ones), those were still being selected from the top 200 AltRank, therefore they still had a bullish bias. If you think that your pair selection BAQL query is worth keeping then make sure that you “protect it” by forcing AltRank to stay below 200, so you keep that bullish bias.

The key here is to decide whether you want or not to apply now the <= 200 AltRank filter.



We recommend opening the bot assistant app from 3commas and keep a tab with the BAQL validator open to confirm quickly that your query is working.

The sooner you know there’s an error with a BAQL query the better. If you didn’t confirm it here and save the bot name there might be an error in self service but since you won’t get notified of it, you might expect the bot is working but in fact pairs are not changing! silent killer.

Every time you change the name of your bot you should pay a visit later to self service and confirm that is all good, that there are not any outstanding errors that need your attention or resolving.

If you see an error and it’s not obvious what’s failing go straight to our discord server to seek for assistance from one of our moderators.

Filter updates to bots in the dashboard

All bots in the dashboard have been updated according to the rules explained above.

Most of the bots we’ve been using use either

  • AltRank top coins, in which case DO NOT need any additional filter
  • GalaxyScore top coins, in which case they require the filter of top 200 AltRank coins added before the 15th of July

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