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BotAssistant 2.3: BAQL filters

Next week we will be rolling out BotAssistant 2.3

As planned in the roadmap this new version brings one massive new feature: pair selection filters.

Filters will allow you to not only sort by a parameter but also discord coins by other parameters too.

So far we’ve been doing things like:

  • give me the top 10 coins sorted by GalaxyScore
  • give me the top 10 coins sorted by AltRank

Now we can process much more sophisticated queries like for example:

  • give me the top 10 coins sorted by AltRank with market cap within (1M and 10M USD), with a price above $1, with bullish sentiment above X, etc.

Filter release stages

We will release filters in two stages.

  • Stage 1: from 4th of July to 14th of July. Top AltRank coins cap active.
  • Stage 2: from 15th of July. Top AltRank coins cap disabled.

In short we need the first stage to allow time for users to add explicit filters in preparation for removing the top coins cap that we currently use. If users don’t add an explicit filter and they are using for example top 10 galaxy score, the results will change from stage 2 unless they add an explicit filter to limit the results to only the coins with AR < 200.

Stage 1: Transition and preparation of BAQL queries

So far since we introduced Bot Assistant pair selection we’ve been only processing the top 200 AltRank coins from LunarCrush. Why? because if a user sorts by GalaxyScore using the full list of coins available : 4000 coins, many of them can have very good GalaxyScore but they can be get very tricky because they are low cap just having a short term of bullishness which is how people get caught in massive pump/dumps.

By only pulling the top 200 coins we have managed to stay away as much as possible from those risks.

But with the introduction of filters it is the user who will own the choice to take all 4000 coins or to keep it limited to the top 200 just by using a BAQL filter.

We will use the stage 1 for all existing users to decide whether they want to:

  • keep old behaviour: then add an explicit filter to limit AR< 200
  • or stop the bot / create a new one
  • or not add such filter and play with all coins by default once we get to stage 2

Stage 2: The full potential of filters

Do not underestimate stage 2. The day we allow users to query 4000 tokens it means you will be able to find not just the most bullish tokens but also the most bearish ones.

Currently when you sort by the most bearish ones, you are still actually working within the subset of tokens with AR < 200, which is still the top 200 tokens. So you are getting the most bearish ones within the most bullish ones.

On Stage 2 you’d be able to navigate all the tokens listed in LunarCrush for the first time.

What’s next?

We will keep you informed via articles, telegram and discord announcements as usual. Any questions send them via discord #bot-assistant channel.

As soon as BA 2.3 goes live next week BAQL reference will get updated with examples of queries using filters. In July we will also organise a workshops to cover filters, how to use them, cool templates, etc.

Next week BAQL Validator will also be able to parse: signals, ORC, and of course, filters too!

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