Basic requirements

  1. A 3Commas account
  2. A Binance or OKX account

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Chris ADA bot 2023 version

You can copy the 2023 version of Chris using the 3Commas copy link below.

You can also copy the TradingView backtest.

Bot name:

Chris ADA 2023 

From what I see from the backtest performance I didn’t see Orchestration was needed since the bot survived without it. But as usual remember that past behaviour and performance CAN NOT guarantee what happens in future the future. Do your own research, no financial advice!

Chris multi coin

This version is high risk high reward and uses Bot assistant to pick the biggest hourly movers from OKX including low cap. I’m running it with spot but I also have a version using a single coin at once with futures.

Multi SPOT bot name:

Chris multi spot OKX - BAQL:PS:ALL_20_HUSD ORC:[STHA2H:SELL_STT&BUY_STP] [email protected] 1617 USDT

Multi FUTURES bot name:

Chris multi/single FUT -  BAQL:PS:ALL_1_HUSD ORC:[STHA2H:SELL_STT&BUY_STP] [email protected]

Chris ADA bot original version

Month by month performance using $147 investment and a futures account.

It requires STHA2H orchestrator. In order to activate the orchestrator use this bot name and use your TTP membership (contact support via Discord).

CHRIS-shallow ADA bot / 147 USDT / 25X / 3651 USDT BAQL:ORC:[STHA2H:SELL_STT&BUY_STP] [email protected]

Log in using your TTP membership to access the original bot copy link below.

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