In this short article I’m sharing the setup for Bark.

This bot is high risk since the deep backtest doesn’t show great long term results. My bet is currently that there might be “an issue” with this another particular deep-backtesting so if you are planning to copy this strategy only do it with funds you can afford to lose.

I saw slightly better performance on OKX than Binance so I’ve decided to switch OFF the Binance one.

Longs have been doing much better than shorts clearly. With $8 dollars investment + leverage the long made 54 and the short has lost around $10 (unfortunately I initially misconfigured the short so it’s still showing an “unfair” loss ).

This setup is only for VIP members so if you have any questions make sure you ask them in the VIP sections of our Discord server.

Log in using your VIP TTP membership to access the copy bot and backtest chart links below.

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