Limitless: let TA take full control of your DCA-ing

Have you ever dreamed with entering a BO using certain indicator,
fill safety orders using another one,
and filling that last safety order using an even more special indicator? 🦜

Absolutno 0.4.0 now allows you to specify precisely how you want to use each external source signal.

Here are some examples assuming you have access to the external indicators/signals below.

Example 1:
– Enter the base order when QFL 1H and RSI 15min crossing above 30 – yes, you can stack external sources and assign them as “confluence entry” to your base order trigger.
– Enter safety orders with a MarketCipher divergence
– Enter the Last Safety Order when Teddy triggers

Example 2:
– Enter often: when RSI is below 30 in the 15 min
– SOs more conservative: when QFL 2H triggers 5% below the base

There’s literally no limits for experimenting !

Annoying Bug fixed!

Base order size bug fix. If you are running bots with absolutno it’s very important that you read the below information.

Bug issue: the base order size was calculated wrong in some cases.

– The bug was causing backtesting inaccuracy.
– The bug does not affect sizes in the real DCA bot since bots do not take size from the BO alert bot from the bot settings.

Action recommend:
1) remove the indicator from the chart if you are using any version below v0.3.6
2) add it again
3) configure absolutno with your settings
4) your backtest results are expected to change, so confirm that you are still happy with them
5) if still happy then delete the old absolutno TV alerts and deploy them again ( read below)

Redeploying alerts
– if your absolutno-managed DCA bot has currently no deals open, great you can delete the old alerts and create new ones now using v0.3.6
– if there’s still a deal open maybe wait for the old absolutno alerts to finish those deals, or manually close them if happy to do so then leave the bot switched off so no new deals are opening and once fully stop, then deploy fresh alerts using 0.3.6

This error affects all versions below v0.3.6


Absolutno is available to all Observers and higher tiers.

Want to have a try? Observer tier now offers a one week trial!

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