Winners have now been announce on Discord.

This giveaway is only for holders of Trading Parrots NFT items.

What’s the price

We will giveaway the top 3 NFT items in the collection with more likes that don’t have an owner yet.

You can see which items have more likes (most favourited items) here.[sortAscending]=false&search[sortBy]=FAVORITE_COUNT

Who can participate

Only holders of 1 or more TradingParrots NFTs can participate.

In order to participate you must be in our discord server, have at least one Trading Parrots item and have your wallet connected to our discord server via By doing that the system automatically will give you a discord role showing how many items have been confirmed in your wallet.

Discord roles:

@TTP NFT starter –> 1 or more items

@TTP NFT Progressive –> 2 or more items

@TTP NFT God –> 3 or more items

How are we going to select the winner?

The winners will be announced on the 1st of February.

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  1. Probably still in the works, but just to let you know that I don’t see the different roles for people who hold more NFT’s (described in this article). All the people in the NFT category (user list) have the generic role name “Trading Parrots NFT” when I right-click on the user name and choose Profile.

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