Who can participate?

Any TTP paid member or Patreon user with an active subscription to a valid tier.

Patreon custom pledge members can not participate.

What are the requisites to participate?

What can you win?

There will be two categories:

There will be 2 winners, 1 from each category.

Each of the 2 winners will get:

*=The items must be available in the collection at the time the winner is selecting the items. If the chosen items were already on sale and got sold before transferring them to the winner, he/she will have to chose a new item.

The 200 USDT will be sent to via BSC or TRX Network. NFTs will be sent to a MetaMask. If you don’t use MetaMask you can still provide your ETH address at your own risk of losing the items if the address is not compatible.

What can disqualify your bot from the contest?

  1. If you change the bot to make it appear as more profitable than it really is.
  2. If you send a bot that you can’t prove it belongs to your account.
  3. Your bot must use the ST ORC and be subscribed to it for START and STOP the bot.
  4. If you missed any of the requisites listed above.
  5. If you miss any of the requisite deadlines in the list above.
  6. Once the bot is submitted you are NOT allowed make any further changes to the bot setup apart from pairs and start stop the bot.

What are you allowed to modify in the bot before submission?

You can change the following parameters and still be able to participate in the contest as long as those changes happen ALL before submitting the bot.

Once you submit the bot you are not allowed to keep changing parameters(**).

  1. Exchange. You can use any futures account as long as it’s supported with DCA bots on 3Commas.
  2. Pairs. You can use bot assistant or your own pairs. You can swap pairs manually as often as you want.
  3. Leverage type and value. You can use any settings you feel are best. Collateral used.
  4. Orders setup. Size of the orders, deviations, scales, total amount invested, etc.
  5. TP/SL setup. Percentages, trailing, etc.
  6. Advanced settings. All allowed here.

**= the reason for this is to prevent someone to make huge profits with large orders and then right before the end of the contest reducing the orders to make it look more profitable than it was. This includes ANY trick even if not mentioned here in the list. If we noticed you tricked the bot we will give the price to the next participant. We want a fair contest 100% !!!

How many bots can I submit?

You can submit up to 5 bots in total.

6 Responses

  1. “The top number 1 bot with highest profits will win” – maybe you want to review this as you surely know that inhabitants of Germany, Netherlands, Italy, UK and some other European countries can only use FTX which allows a max leverage of 20x

  2. First of all I would like to thank Nader for the great work done in developing the bot, I have already shared with him my version as well as the real collateral used to make it manageable even with a 40% market shock.
    My point of view is not and will never be the maximum yield but its consistency and defensibility, it makes no sense to push with very high leverage and low collateral, even if you bring home 100% in a week you risk being wiped out in an hour.
    This is a Bot that if used correctly can generate 400% per year with minimal and manageable risk, for a long-time trader like me, this is the Holy Grail.
    Thanks again to Nader and the TTP Team.

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