News and TTPTSL video

In this video we cover 5 examples of how to use TTPTSL in the way it was always intended to be used: with external indicators.

We show how to setup longs and short strategies.

We use the Hive to short BTC and 3C sim to long BTC, ETH, JASMY and LUNA using MFI, TV technicals, RSI and PSAR.

4 examples are on 5 min TF and the last one on the 1 hour achieving almost 600% PNL.

Use these examples to learn how to trade your favourite tokens, to understand how to connect TTPTSL with external indicators, how to setup a DCA bot on 3Commas to receive the signals from TTPTSL in a reliable way.

TTPTSL + 3c sim + hive free trial 😍

Comment now in the Youtube video with “why do you think these indicators are great or what do you think could be improved”, include your TradingView account username and get 1 week trial for free. Best comment wins 1 year trial.

Setup TradingView links 🤓

You can access the TradingView charts I present in the video from the links below.

To edit it you need to make a copy first and have access to the original indicators too.

April bot workshop recording

If you missed the VIP members bot workshop on Zoom this month, don’t worry you can watch the recording. You can click in the box below or use this alternative link to discord.

Some topics we covered:

  • TV indicators: Demark9, NRTR2, ST moving averages, Order block finder
  • How can we use best the new upcoming features of BA
  • Users finding unique setups of BA that have shown better results than expected
  • Short vs longs in futures.
  • Risk and a bit of philology of bot trading 😀
  • Why shorting bearish tokens did not perform that well on a bot with large max deviation?

Bot workshop is a great opportunity for both people looking to learn how to create new bots and advance users to get feedback and ways to improve their ideas. It’s once a month on a zoom call. Usually around 10 to 25 people.

Futures composite bots with BA pair selection

For those who are tempted with the dark side and want to explore futures with BA pair selection, please read this article carefully to understand the current limitations. I still use BA with futures but I rely on the workarounds explained in the article.

April live events upcoming

Next week on Tuesday we have the second members-only YouTube live stream and members-only AMA session.

In the YouTube live stream we cover news, market overlook, TA, new indicators, setups, etc.

In the AMA, is exactly that: an opportunity for you to ask the TTP team anything.

Hope to see you all there and have a great weekend!

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