Bot assistant update on Signals and ORC

I have two news: one good and one bad!

The good news

ORC seems to be working as expected which means we can start allowing members to test them in real money and paper trading account.

The bad news

We discovered 3 limitations in the 3commas API which don’t allow us yet to fully process signals with Bot Assistant.

  1. When an open deal signal is sent to a bot that is switched off the bot still opens the deal. This has been reported to 3Commas and we should expect 2 to 3 weeks for a fix to be applied on their end. This bug prevents all signals to work properly because we don’t want a bot to open a deal if the bot is off.
  2. The 3Commas API currently doesn’t support any other signal apart from open deal. For example close deal and add funds are not supported yet. This feature has been requested to 3Commas so that it matches what you currently can do with 3commas DCA bot webhooks. This missing feature prevents us to do signals like Serpil which requires to be able send signals to open and close deals.

A workaround wouldn’t be ideal

Yes, we could query the API to confirm if a bot is off or not before sending any signal but that will not only introduced unnecessary lag to the whole setup and >double the API costs.

In the case of closing deals, it’s also possible to workaround it but we will have to not only check if the bot is off or on first, but also find which deals are currently open, if they match the pair of the signal we want to close. This would introduce even further unneeded API calls making an absolute overkill.

So let’s do it properly.

What’s next?

The right thing to do is to wait for an upgrade/fix for 1 and 2 from 3Commas in the next month.

In the meantime we will work on progressing on filters and testing ORC signals which actually are ready to test.


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